SAFELOGY and LYF Ingenieria Enter Software Distribution and Technology

April 16, 2019,

SAFELOGY, CORP. and LYF Ingenieria S.A. De C.V are pleased to announce they have entered a software distribution and technology collaboration agreement for the integration of SAFELOGY’s Universal SaaS cash management software platform with LYF Ingenieria’ s cash deposit, payments kiosk and recycling systems. The companies integrated their respective technologies within less than 4 weeks from signing (February 2019), thanks to joint, agile technical team members situated in Mexico and France. Live controlled deployments in Mexico are expected in late April or early May 2019.

About LYF Ingeniera: Based Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, LYF develops, deploys and services competitive, best in class quality cash handling automation systems for retail, public transportation and government services in Mexico and Latin America. “The benefit of teaming up with SAFELOGY is to provide our customers with a proven certified and powerful predictive monitoring solution for cash management,” says Benny Fernandez Parada, CEO, “to increase the benefits of cash management and handling automation.”

About SAFELOGY: Based in Marseille, France and with offices in New York, U.S.A. is an independent software and SaaS provider specialized in cash management, who’s solutions are deployed at over 5,000 store locations, worldwide. SAFELOGY Universal SaaS has multi-currency and multilingual interface support. “The solution is hardware agnostic and leverages Responsive Design for Secure Remote Access on a variety of connected devices to enable proactive and predictive cash management optimization, including POS and Smart Safe transaction auditing and reconciliation for provisional credit and predictive CIT scheduling management.” Says Emmanuel Gaucher, CEO

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